About Us


We provide peace of mind by insuring special risks


To be renowned for unique insurance solutions in Namibia and beyond


Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Commitment to Serve and Teamwork

Our Mandate

In terms of the NASRIA Act, the Company is mandated to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To carry on short term insurance business relating to special risks, and to conduct all affairs relating thereto in accordance with sound insurance practices and methods.
  • To promote the development of, and the participation of the people of Namibia in the short term insurance industry in Namibia; and
  • To adhere to best practice in the provision of insurance cover for special risks.

NASRIA’s current business purpose is to provide insurance cover for Namibians and their assets against extraordinary (special) events such as, but not limited to, riots, strikes, civil commotion, labour disturbances, lockouts and terrorism