Optional Cover

Historically denial of access non damage business interruption cover has been excluded from NASRIA Ltd cover, however, NASRIA Ltd policies under the Business Interruption Section now include this cover subject to the following extension.

Denial of access non damage business interruption extension clause

Business Interruption coverage provided under this policy is extended to cover the actual loss sustained during the period of time when access to the insured's property is restricted and/or prohibited following an Insured Peril covered under this policy occurring within a pre-defined radius of the insured’s premises, whether the premises or property of the Insured or any other property is damaged or not.

For the purpose of this extension, a defined radius can either be construed as a named access road or a pre-defined radius from the insured's premises.

The maximum agreed radius per risk shall be defined as follows:

The extension is subject to a sublimit of N$20 million any one occurrence and in the aggregate for the period and an Additional Premium loading of 10%.

All other terms, clauses and conditions remain unaltered.