The Namibian Agriculture Sector highly relies on rain fed and supports over 70% of the population who directly depends on it (Livestock and Crops) for their daily livelihood. However, the Sector faces challenges of ever-changing climate patterns in the forms of extreme temperatures, frequent droughts, and floods, hence the need to adopt a risk transformative tool in the form of Agriculture insurance to mitigate climate change risks, enhance resilience, sustainable Agriculture production and food security in the country.

It is against this backdrop that NASRIA through its Namibia Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS) will soon roll-out its Agriculture climate change risk insurance solution to the sector. A tool aimed at proactively preserve farmers wealth, promotes recovery and rebuilding towards a sustainable Agricultural production. In essence, NASRIA is committed to champion the lead through its Weather Indexed Based Insurance that will provide protection particularly to the vulnerable segment (communal famers) of the population which is less resilient and always the most and hardest hit by these extreme weather events.

Conclusively, farmers irrespective of scale are encouraged to invest in Agriculture Insurance as part of risk mitigation strategies to safeguard their farming enterprises.

For more information do not hesitate to contact Mr. John Alugodhi, Manager: Agriculture Insurance, the designated focal person for this project at email: Johna@nasria.com.na  and Tel: 061229207 or Cell: 0811463339.

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