On 13 October 2023, we took part in an employee wellness day arranged with NMC, where employees were encouraged to focus on themselves and promote a healthier work-life balance to improve emotional, mental, or physical wellbeing with regular exercises and some tips on healthy eating on a budget.

The participation rate by staff was phenomenal as almost all took part into the engagement. Following pointers was covered for the day:

Heal Screening as follows:
• Blood Pressure
• Glucose
• Cholesterol
• Weight
• Vitamin B shoots
• Pap smear and Breast examinations (a health clinic with a bed was set up in the HR office, some female colleagues also took part)

Other services with presentations were offered:
• (Mental Health within the workplace engagement) offered by a Psychologist for 01h45 minutes.
• Dietician Health conversation offered by a Dietician (healthy living habits like eating correctly ,regular exercising, eating on a budget etc.)

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