Commission Payable

  1. NASRIA Ltd undertakes to pay the Insurer / Broker 12.5% on motor and 20% on non-motor and Agent 10% on motor and 15% on non-motor, of the premium earned by NASRIA Ltd in respect of the insurance placed with NASRIA Ltd. All payments to be made to the Insurer / Broker / Agent in terms of this Agreement shall be effected on a VAT inclusive (where applicable) basis.

  2. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the payment obligations and charges expressed to be payable by NASRIA Ltd to the Insurer / Broker / Agent in terms of (a) shall constitute NASRIA’S entire remuneration liability to the Insurer / Broker / Agent.

  3. NASRIA Ltd to pay the Insurer / Broker / Agent by the 15th day of the month, all commissions due on premiums received during the immediately preceding month

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